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1.GATA3転写因子の第2DNA結合ジンクフィンガー(ZnFn2)の変異が乳癌の転写ネットワークをリブログラム[出典] "GATA3 zinc finger 2 mutations reprogram the breast cancer transcriptional network" Takaku M, ~ Wade PA. Nat Commun Published online 13 March 2018.TC ... もっと読む

Epigenome Editing. Jeltsch A., Rots M. (eds) Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 1767. pp 3-18 Editing the Epigenome: Overview, Open Questions, and Directions of Future Development. Rots MG, Jeltsch A. pp 19-63 Zinc Fingers, TALEs, and CRISPR Systems: A C ... もっと読む

Addgene@AddgeneIn our latest blog post, @megearing and @idtdna describe the best ways to use #CRISPR nickases for enhanced… 22:30:00CRISP_SCIENCE@ScienceCrispConditional gene knockout and reconstitution in human iPSCs wi ... もっと読む

CRISP_SCIENCE@ScienceCrisp[NEWS & VIEWS]A trio of ion channels takes the heat.Hill RZ, Bautista DM. Nature 0314. 08:46:38出典"[NEWS AND VIEWS]A trio of ion channels takes the heat" Hill RZ,  Bautista DM. Nature. 14 March ... もっと読む

1.[特許]Cas9の構造情報をもとにしたCRISPR-Casシステムの最適化・構築・利用[出典] "Functional Screening with Optimized Functional CRISPR-Cas systems"US 2018/0057810 A1. PubDate 03/01/2018. Inventors: Zhang F,  Konermann S, Brigham MD, TrevinoA. Assignee: ... もっと読む