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1. Cas9によるDNA領域の欠失・挿入・逆位を読み解く[出典]"Precise and Predictable CRISPR Chromosomal Rearrangements Reveal Principles of Cas9-Mediated Nucleotide Insertion" Shou J, Li J, Liu Y, Wu Q. Mol Cell 2018 Jul 19.;bioRxiv 2017-05-09 Precise And Pre ... もっと読む

出典:"Population genomics shows no distinction between pathogenic Candida krusei and environmental Pichia kudriavzevii: One species, four names" Douglass AP, Offei B, Braun-Galleani S, Coughlan AY, Martos AAR, Ortiz-Merino RA, Byrne KP, Wolfe KH (Univers ... もっと読む

1. [特許]Cas9タンパク質とgRNAのハイブリッドを内包するナノリポソーム・キャリアの構成・構築とその応用[出典]"Nano-liposome carrier composition containing hybrid of Cas9 protein and guide RNA" US20180193269 公開日 07/12/2018. 発明者: Yu, Kyeong-nam. 権利者: M ... もっと読む

出典"The shieldin complex mediates 53BP1-dependent DNA repair" Noordermeer SM, Adam S, Setiaputra D [..]  Durocher D. Nature. 2018 Jul 18. Received 4 January 2018, Accepted 15 May 2018, Published 18 July 2018モデル Figure 4-f Model of shieldin functio ... もっと読む

[出典]"Comprehensive molecular characterization of clinical responses to PD-1 inhibition in metastatic gastric cancer" Kim ST, Cristescu R, Bass AJ, Kim KM, Odegaard JI [..] Lee J8, Kang WK. Nat Med 2018 Jul 16. これまでの臨床研究によって、転移性胃癌(m ... もっと読む