1. CRISPEY:超並列精密ゲノム編集による機能ゲノミクス[出典] "Functional Genetic Variants Revealed by Massively Parallel Precise Genome Editing" Sharon E,  Chen  SAA, Khosla NM, Smith JD, Pritchard JK, Fraser HB. Cell. 2018 Sep 20.シーケンシング技術の進歩 ... もっと読む

1. gRNAsに対する末梢血単核細胞(PBMC) のI型インターフェロン応答を、化学修飾によって抑制[出典] "Chemical Modification of CRISPR gRNAs Eliminate type I Interferon Responses in Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells" Schubert MS, Cedrone E, Neun B, Behlke ... もっと読む

出典Preview "Human Diseases from Gain-of-Function Mutations in Disordered Protein Regions" Li XH, Babu MM. Cell. 2018 Sep 20. Article "Mutations in Disordered Regions Can Cause Disease by Creating Dileucine Motifs" Meyer K, Kirchner M, Uyar B [..] Diecke ... もっと読む

[2018-09-24 crisp_bio注]  Cell誌掲載関連論文へのリンクを追記*出典NEWS:"Your gut is directly connected to your brain, by a newly discovered neuron circuit" Underwood E. Science. 2018 Sep 20, 2:00 PMPERSPECTIVE:"A gut feeling" Hoffman BU, Lumpkin EA. Sc ... もっと読む

1. 4種類のCpf1野生型と変異型のPAM依存性と活性を哺乳類細胞株で検証[出典] "Mb- and FnCpf1 nucleases are active in mammalian cells: activities and PAM preferences of four wild-type Cpf1 nucleases and of their altered PAM specificity variants" Toth E [..] W ... もっと読む