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[出典] "PAM recognition by miniature CRISPR-Cas14 triggers programmable double-stranded DNA cleavage" Karvelis T [..] Siksnys V. bioRixv 2019-05-30CRISPR-Casシステムはクラス1とクラス2に分類され、クラス2はII、V、およびVIのタイプに分類され、タイプⅡのエ ... もっと読む

[出典]  "FLASH - a next-generation CRISPR diagnostic for multiplexed detection of antimicrobial resistance sequences" Quan J, Langelier C, Kuchta A [..] Crawford ED. Nucleic Acids Res 2019-05-22;特許公開 US20190300935A1 Method for finding low abundance ... もっと読む

[出典] "Targeted homology-directed repair in blood stem and progenitor cells with CRISPR nanoformulations" Shahbazi R [..] Adair JE. Nat Mater 2019-05-27;"Special delivery: Gold nanoparticles ship CRISPR cargo" Siegel J. Fred Hutch News Service 2019-05-2 ... もっと読む

[出典] "Cas13-induced cellular dormancy prevents the rise of CRISPR-resistant bacteriophage" Meeske AJ, Nakandakari-Higa S, Marraffini LA. Nature 2019-05-29;NEWS AND VIEWS "Bacterial dormancy curbs phage epidemics" Jackson SA, Fineran PC. Nature 2019-05- ... もっと読む

[出典] "Systematic evasion of the restriction-modification barrier in bacteria" Johnston CD, Cotton SL, Rittling SR, Starr JR, Borisy GG, Dewhirst FE, Lemon KP. PNAS 2019-05-16;"SyngenicDNA: stealth-based evasion of restriction-modification barriers duri ... もっと読む