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[出典] "Development of hRad51–Cas9 nickase fusions that mediate HDR without double-stranded breaks" Rees HA, Yeh WH, Liu DR. Nat Commun 2019-05-17.二本鎖DNA切断 (DSB)の修復は主としてNHEJ過程に依存しindelsが誘導され、相同DNAを介したHDR過程により特定の変異 ... もっと読む

1. dCas9による調節因子を利用してマスター転写因子Sox1の組織特異的抑制の機構を探る[出典] "Targeted removal of epigenetic barriers during transcriptional reprogramming" Baumann V [..] Stricker SH. Nat Commun 2019-05-09.[背景] 一連の標的遺伝子を転写調節するこ ... もっと読む

1. 癌細胞株に見られる変異を標的とするCIRPSR/Cas9ノックアウト実験により癌細胞の増殖・生存の必須変異を同定[出典] "CRISPR/Cas9 as a tool to dissect cancer mutations" Sayed S [..] Buchholz F. Methods 2019-05-09.TU Dresdenのグループは、結腸癌細胞株RKOに見られ ... もっと読む

1. SpCas9活性の深層学習モデルDeepCas9 (2019-09-20, -11-10, -11-26 追記)[出典] "SpCas9 activity prediction by DeepCas9, a deep learning-based model with unparalleled generalization performance" Kim HK, Kim Y [..] Kim HH. bioRxiv 2019-05-15. > "SpCas9 activ ... もっと読む

[出典] "Total synthesis of Escherichia coli with a recoded genome" Fredens J, Wang K, de la Torre D, Funke LFH, Robertson WE [..] Chin JW. Nature 2019-05-15; (2019-05-18追記) [NEWS AND VEIEWS] "Construction of an Eshcherichia coli genome with fewer codon ... もっと読む