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2021-02-28 The CRISPR Journal誌からの刊行論文の書誌情報とリンクを追加 (挿入図はbioRxiv版から引用)2020-09-08 初稿-----------------------[出典] Self-cutting and integrating CRISPR plasmids (SCIPs) enable targeted genomic integration of genetic payloads for ... もっと読む

[出典] "Microbial single-strand annealing proteins enable CRISPR gene-editing tools with improved knock-in efficiencies and reduced off-target effects" Wang C [..] Cong L. Nucleic Acids Res 2021-02-22. CRISPR-Cas9ゲノ ... もっと読む

[出典] "Evaluating Capture Sequence Performance for Single-Cell CRISPR Activation Experiments" Choo XY [..] Ouyang JF, Rackham OJL. ACS Synth Biol 2021-02-24. Duke-NUS Medical School (Singapore)を主とする研究グル ... もっと読む

[リンクのみ] "Enhancing phytoremediation of hazardous metal (loid) s using genome engineering CRISPR–Cas9 technology" Sarma H, Islam NF [..] Rinklebe J. Hazard Mater 2021-02-24. ... もっと読む

2021-02-27 Journal of Molecular Biology誌掲載論文の書誌情報とリンクを追加2021-01-10 初稿-----------------------[出典] "MAVERICC: Efficient marker-free rescue of vaccinia virus recombinants by in vitro CRISPR-Cas9 engineering" Laudermilch E, Chandran K. bi ... もっと読む