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[出典] "Large scale active-learning-guided exploration for in vitro protein production optimization" Borkowski O, Koch M [..] Faulon JL.  (bioRxiv 2019-08-30) Nat Commun 2020-04-20.  トランスクリプトミクスやプロテオミクスなどの基礎研究から、遺伝子回路 ... もっと読む

2020-04-29 23:45更新 原論文Fig. 4引用を追加し、対応するテキストを修正[出典] "Multiplex secretome engineering enhances recombinant protein production and purity" Kol S [..] Lewis NE. Nat Commun 2020-04-20.  医療用タンパク質合成に利用される宿主細胞に由来 ... もっと読む

[出典] "5 questions about LOCKR from our Reddit AMA" Institute for Protein Design (IPD) 2019-08-05. RedditのAMA "Ask Me Anything about LOCKR"に参加したBobby Langan (UW), Andrew Ng (UCSF)ならびにHana El-Samad (UCSF)が、時間切れになるまで続いた質問の中から ... もっと読む

[NEWS RELEASE] "Designed switch allows unprecedented control over cells" UW Medicine Newsroom 2019-07-24.  [YouTube: 2m51s] Controlling cell functions with a designed switch David Baker (UW Medicine Institute for Protein Design、以下UW)とHana El-Samad ( ... もっと読む

[出典] NEWS AND VIEWS "An ‘on’ switch for proteins" Hahn KM. Nature 2019-05-08.; 論文 "Time-resolved protein activation by proximal decaging in living systems" Wang J, Liu Y, Liu Y [..] Wang C, Chen PR. Nature 2019-05-08.ケージ化生理活性を帯びた分子を、 ... もっと読む