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[出典] Extracellular Vesicle and Particle Biomarkers Define Multiple Human Cancers. Hoshino A, Kim HS, Bojmar L, Gyan KE [..] Jarnagin WR, Lyden D. Cell 2020-08-20.  Weill Cornell Medicine/東工大の星野歩子とDavi ... もっと読む

[出典] "Targeting DDR2 enhances tumor response to anti–PD-1 immunotherapy" Tu MM [..] Theodorescu D. Sci Adv. 2019-02-20.癌の抗PD-1抗体療法は強力である一方で、奏功する患者が限られることから、他の薬剤との併用療法や、患者を層別化するためのバイオマーカーの ... もっと読む

出典[ニュース] "Better mouse model built to enable precision-medicine research for Alzheimer’s - NIH-funded team shows that introducing genetic diversity improves translatability" NIH News 2018-12-27.[論文] Neuner SM, Heuer SE, Huentelman MJ, O’Connell ... もっと読む

[出典] "Prioritisation of oncology therapeutic targets using CRISPR-Cas9 screening" Behan FM, Iorio F [..] Yusa K, Garnett MJ. bioRxiv. 2018-12-20. Nature 2019-04-10. (crisp_bio: 本記事はbioRxiv投稿版に基づいています。NatureではタイトルがPrioritization of ... もっと読む

[出典] "Twenty four gene fusions in one drug approval" Dolgin E. Nat Biotechnol. 2018-12-06;"FDA approves an oncology drug that targets a key genetic driver of cancer, rather than a specific type of tumor" FDA News Release. 2018-11-26.FDA、TRK融合蛋白質 ... もっと読む