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[注] 'exomere':脂質細胞から分泌される二重膜に囲まれていないサイズが〜35 nmのナノ粒子[出典] "Supermeres are functional extracellular nanoparticles replete with disease biomarkers and therapeutic targets" Zhang Q, Jeppesen DK, Higginbotham JN [..] Coffey R ... もっと読む

[注] CTC: circulating tumor cells[出典] "Multivalent Duplexed-Aptamer Networks Regulated a CRISPR-Cas12a System for Circulating Tumor Cell Detection" Lv Z, Wang Q, Yang M. Anal Chem. 2021-09-17. 厦門大学と中 ... もっと読む

[出典] FEATURE "CRISPR/Cas-Based In Vitro Diagnostic Platforms for Cancer Biomarker Detection" Gong S, Zhang S, Lu F, Pan W, Li N, Tang B. Anal Chem 2021-08-24. 山東師範大学の研究グループからの論文.タイムリー ... もっと読む

[出典] REVIEW "CRISPR-Cas13 System as a Promising and Versatile Tool for Cancer Diagnosis, Therapy, and Research" Palaz F [..] Özcan A, Ozsoz M. ACS Synth Biol. 2021-05-26. トルコのHacettepe U, Koc U, Afyonkara ... もっと読む

マサチューセッツ総合病院 (MGH)を主とする研究グループの報告[出典] "Longitudinal proteomic analysis of plasma from patients with severe COVID-19 reveal patient survival-associated signatures, tissue-specific cell death, and cell-cell interactions" Filbin MR ... もっと読む