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出典"China’s CRISPR twins might have had their brains inadvertently enhanced" Regalado A. MIT Technology Review. 2019-02-19.Zhou et al. "CCR5 is a suppressor for cortical plasticity and hippocampal learning and memory"  Zhou M, Greenhill S [..] Fox K, S ... もっと読む

1. [コメンタリー] 第2回ヒトゲノム編集国際サミットにおける講演と参加者の反応[出典] "Fearful old world? A commentary on the Second International Summit on human genome editing" Greenfield A (MRC, UK). Mamm Genome. 2019-01-02;著者は講演者の一人;英国Human ... もっと読む

関連記事へのリンク(随時追加)33. Science 2019-08-01 The untold story of the ‘circle of trust’ behind the world’s first gene-edited babies. Cohen J32. PLOS Symbio Community Blog. 2019-02-22. CRISPR Human Babies: Too soon, not never. Clements T. 31. c ... もっと読む

[出典]Despite CRISPR baby controversy, Harvard University will begin gene-editing sperm. - Even as a furious debate broke out in China over gene-edited babies, some scientists in the US are also hoping to improve tomorrow’s children. Regalado A. MIT Tech ... もっと読む

crisp_bio注:2018-12-04にScience記事へのリンク、AIDS/HIV研究者からの批判、CRISPR遺伝子編集によるHIV療法関連動物実験記事リンク追記Gaetan Burgioのツイートまとめ:賀建奎の第2回ヒトゲノム編集国際サミットでの講演Web castキャプチャー画面をコメント付きで連続ツ ... もっと読む