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2021-03-23 Nature Chemical Biology誌掲載論文の書誌情報を[出典]に追記: bioRxiv投稿と比較すると、タイトルとアブストラクトが大幅に改訂され、また、293T細胞を対象とする実験に初代ヒト皮膚繊維芽細胞を対象とした実験が加わった。2019-05-18 初稿--------------------- ... もっと読む

[出典] "Lineage barcoding in mice with homing CRISPR" Leeper K [..] Kalhor R. Nat Protoc. 2021-03-10.[注] MARC1 =  Mouse for Actively Recording Cells[参考] 原論文 Fig. 2 : Principles of the homing CRISPR system. ... もっと読む

[出典] "The TRACE-Seq method tracks recombination alleles and identifies clonal reconstitution dynamics of gene targeted human hematopoietic stem cells" Sharma R, Dever DP, Lee CM, Azizi A [..] Bao G, Porteus MH, Majeti R. (bioRxiv 2020-05-28) Nat Commun ... もっと読む

[出典] "Master Regulators and Cofactors of Human Neuronal Cell Fate Specification Identified by CRISPR Gene Activation Screens" Black JB [..] Gersbach CA. Cell Rep. 2020-12-01.[Graphical Abstract参照] https://m ... もっと読む

[出典] A programmable sequence of reporters for lineage analysis. Garcia-Marques J [..] Lee T. Nat Neurosci 2020-07-27; [News & Views] CRISPR Rube Goldberg machines for visualizing cell lineage. Carey CM, Gagnon JA. Nat Neurosci 2020-08-07. [参考文献] U ... もっと読む